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Catalogue of the exhibition

This catalog gathers together unpublished texts by 35 French and Anglo-Saxon authors, historians and curators of Churchillian and Gaullist institutions. They contextualize and go along with nearly 240 objects, archival documents, uniforms and paintings especially brought together in the exhibition Churchill - de Gaulle.

La Martinière publishing
190x255mm, 288 pages, 28 €

Avalaible at the book and gift shop of the museum.
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Visit booklet

Adults booklet

A booklet is avalaible at the begining of the exhibition.

Download the visit booklet of the exhibition Churchill - de Gaulle in english (PDF, 1.2Mo)

Young visitors booklet

A booklet, for young visitors, is avalaible (in french and in english) at the begining of the exhibition and downloadable on this website :

Download the young visitors booklet of the exhibition Churchill - de Gaulle in english (PDF, 2.9Mo)
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De Gaulle and Churchill sites

To learn more about Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, here's a selection of places that you can visit to complete your knowledge.

Charles de Gaulle

Colombey-les-deux-églises and Charles de Gaulle memorial
Website of Charles de Gaulle memorial

La boisserie
Web site of the tourist office of Chaumont en Champagne

Lille, General de Gaulle's birthplace
Website of General de Gaulle birthplace

Paris, Hôtel national des Invalides, musée de l'Armée and musée de l'Ordre de la libération
Website of the musée de l'Armée

Winston Churchill

Cambridge, Churchill archives centre
Website of the Churchill archive center

Chartwell, Kent, the Chartwell national trust
Website of the Chartwell national trust

Londres, Imperial war museum, Churchill war rooms
Website of the imperial war museum

Woodstock, Oxford shire, Blenheim palace
Website of Blenheim palace
National Army museum
Website of the National Army museum
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Young visitors itineray

The visit starts in front of the hotel national des Invalides with two tanks. Then, on the pillars of the cour d'honneur, four panels challenge the young visitor. At the entrance of the exhibition, young visitors booklets (in French and in English) are available. Finally, in the exhibition, panels mark out the itinerary and allow children from 9 years old to discover Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle. Through these, they get to interpret the objects, posters and archives displayed in the different areas.
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To extend your visit on Internet

Extend your visit of the exhibition and learn more about Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle by visiting these recommended websites :

Public speeches saga, on the INA website
Milestone saga, on the INA website
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