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Churchill, de Gaulle's compagnon

The establishment the Order of the Liberation in November 1940 in Brazzaville was a sovereign act as much as a desire to honour the bravest of the small cohort of the Free French who chose to continue the fight. The closure of the Order when General left office in January 1946, demonstrated his commitment to reserve it for compagnons who took the exceptional path. Its reopening for Winston Churchill, on the symbolic date of 18 June 1958, was accompanied by a quote in the typically Gaullist style: “A great leader will always be revered by history”. It was testimony to the esteem he had for the former Prime Minister.

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Interview of the British historian, Sir David Cannadine
about Winston Churchill, the private man

© ECPAD / musée de l'Armée

Charles de Gaulle with his wife Yvonne
in their Colombey-les-Deux-Églises garden

© Archives de Gaulle, Paris, France / Bridgeman Images

Interview of the French historian Frédérique Neau Dufour
about de Gaulle, the private man

© ECPAD / musée de l'Armée

Grand-Cross with collar of the Royal Victorian Order
given by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II to Charles de Gaulle,
marked n° 16 - 1904 - Vermilion, enamel, diamond

© Musée de l'ordre de la Libération/ Dominique Henneresse

Cristal Cross of Lorraine, gift from
the Companions of the Order to Winston Churchill

Chartwell © National Trust/John Hammond

Winston Churchill stood
at his easel painting on the French border
of the Nivelle river
Basque Country, 1945

Cambridge, Churchill Archives Centre © Droits réservés