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Facing disaster : the Munich agreement, signed 30 september 1938

« We have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat ».
Winston Churchill, speech in the House of Commons, 5 October 1938

« We are drinking the chalice to the dregs ».
Charles de Gaulle, letter to his wife, 1 October 1938

In 1938, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle did not know yet each other. Their notoriety, for which they were responsible, was not in proportion with one another. However, they shared a very close vision of the rising dangers of the Thirties, as well as the strategic and diplomatic shortcomings of their respective countries. But the politician “in the wilderness” and the military theorist ignored by the military hierarchy were isolated and in the minority in the face of public opinion which was convinced that the Maginot line and the concessions granted to the dictators would prevent a new war. Both therefore react very strongly following the signing of the Munich accords, a simple of this policy of renunciation and cowardice.
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